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Puzzle House: Mystery Rising

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"Sets the bar at a whole new level with an extremely well made and thought out puzzle adventure that you won’t just be able to breeze through". 8.5/10 - GamesFinder“The visuals are just breathtaking” – AppUnwrapperWhen an unexpected visitor crash-lands on your front porch, embark on a captivating 3D journey that leads you to a hidden valley deep in the mountains. Piece together alien technology, explore a mysterious obelisk, and solve intricate puzzles protecting an incredible family secret.
* Decipher a cryptic journal * Meet Rover, your pal throughout * Hack your way past high-tech keypads * Tactile puzzle gameplay immersed in 3D * Crank cranks, slide sliders, leverage levers * Find secret keys inside hidden compartments * Find your way ever closer to the mysterious Puzzle House * Breathtaking hidden-valley atmosphere of the Rocky Mountains
What players are saying
* Ranks way up there as one of the best puzzle games I’ve ever played! * It feels like The Room, unroomified and with a wider range of puzzles. * It was a fun ride all the way through! I would highly recommend this. * Great game with wonderful graphics, gorgeous puzzles to solve. * Fun puzzles, good music, good interaction, unique puzzles. * Challenging and interesting puzzles. Beautiful Graphics. * Loving it so far! One of the best games so far this year. * Great game! Reminds me of the old Myst game. * Great graphics and fun puzzles.